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Welcome to my blog! This is basically a blog about stuff that I'm interested in: TV, films, comics and so on.  As you can probably gather, Doctor Who is one of my primary interests but I've written about other stuff as well.

To try and make this place easier to navigate, I've compiled a (hopefully) helpful contents list below complete with links.  Currently all the links work but let me know if any are broken.

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The Doctor Who 50-50

A handy guide to my Doctor Who 50-50 series where I look at each year of Doctor's Who history.  I initially started this as a project for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary in 2013 but, due to the amount of work involved it hasn't yet completed. I do intend to finish it eventually and hopefully expand it to include reviews of the years since the Anniversary.

The Doctor Who 50-50 Contents Page

TV Reviews


 Blake's 7

Series A

Series B

Doctor Who

Series 7a: Asylum of the Daleks
Series 7a: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Series 7a: A Town Called Mercy
Series 7a: The Power of Three
Series 7a: The Angels Take Manhatten 

Series 9:The Magician's Apprentice


Series 1 & 2 

Comic Strip Time Team

A chronological review of the many comic strips presented in Doctor Who Magazine as published  first by Marvel and then Panini. This is also incomplete at present but I do intend to return to it.

The Comic Strip Time Team Contents Page

Random Jottings


Finally Getting Something Done - my first post  

Caroline John: 1940-2012 

Marvel NOW! - Right Here, Right Now  

And So It Begins...

Whotember Begins

Book Review: The Angel's Kiss - A Melody Malone Mystery

Bush Tucker Trial of a Time Lord


The Clock Strikes Twelve: The New Doctor

At the End of the Day: A Fiftieth Anniversary Overview


The New Doctor is Here!

The Box of Delights

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