Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Doctor Who 50-50: Introduction

Well, the 23rd November 2012 has been and gone which means that the countdown to the fiftieth anniversary has well and truly begun.  To celebrate this, I decided that I wanted to try and do something that would celebrate Doctor Who, in all its various forms.  And thus I present the Doctor Who 50-50.

The intention is to give a overview of Doctor Who's long history, covering one year each week in the run up to the Anniversary.  So: fifty years in fifty weeks, with the intending of putting up a new post every weekend.  (In actual fact it's fifty-one weeks from 1963 to 2013, with the final part being posted on the Anniversary weekend itself but calling it 'The 50-50' is quite catchy and I didn't really want to change it.)

This is quite a large and ambitious project because, as I say, I want to try and cover Doctor Who in all its various forms, not just the TV series.  Obviously the TV series is hugely important but I didn't want to ignore everything else.  After all, technically, it's not the television series that reached it's fiftieth anniversary but the character and the idea itself.

To that end, each overview will be split into several different section:

On Screen: What will probably be the largest section for most of the fifty weeks, as the title suggests, this will detail what was happening in the television series at the time.  The two Peter Cushing Dalek films will also appear here as will the various spin-offs

On Audio:  Although this section will be particularly busy during the 00's thanks to Big Finish, there are plenty of other radio plays, CDs and records that have been produced over the years and are worth a mention.  All of that will be included here.

In Print:  Again, fairly self-explanatory, all manner of books and magazines will get a mention here.

In Comics:  Comics strips and comic books.  I've kept this separate from the other print material as the comic strip has a lengthy history all of its own (a comic strip of some form has been running since 1964) and I didn't feel I could do that justice without giving it its own category.

Elsewhere:  Basically anything else I can think of that's relevant or interesting which doesn't fit into any of the above categories.

So, that's the idea and that's the format I've decided to take.  Hopefully it won't all fall apart in two weeks and I'll be able to keep this going to the end.  I'm also bound to make a few mistakes or accidentally leave things out but I intend to be as exhaustive as I possibly can.  If I do make any mistakes, though, please feel free to correct me.

Anyway, join me tomorrow as we begin our marathon with 1963.

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